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January 2011


A Right Royal visit for Rubb



byron marine storage building



Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal commended the efforts of all those involved in helping to combat piracy in Seychelles during visits to meet representatives from EU NAVFOR and the Seychelles Coastguard at Rubb Buildings Ltd's latest installation



Luxembourg based CAE Aviation commissioned the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System hangar from Rubb to house two SA227 MERLIN IIIC aircraft on anti-piracy missions in the Somali basin. The Luxembourg detachment in the Seychelles is part of the EU operation ATALANTA, steered by the European Union Naval Force (NAVFOR) Operation HQ in Northwood, UK. The client saw Rubb hangars in action in Afghanistan and decided a 20.4m (66.9ft) EFASS with Trident doors at both ends would meet CAE's needs. The hangar was delivered and erected at Seychelles International Airport in Victoria in November, 2010.


Princess Anne visited the facility on Tuesday, November 30. Following the Royal Party's return from Praslin, where they met members of the local community and visited the Vallee de Mai, The Princess and Vice Admiral Laurence were accompanied by Minister for Home Affairs, Environment and Transport Mr Joel Morgan and the British High Commissioner Mr Matthew Forbes, to the new purpose built hangar.


Luc Audoore, Detachment Commander and Deputy General Manager of CAE Aviation, said: “"My personnel here are delighted by the new facilities which will make our work here so much easier, more comfortable and effective. The technicians can now do their work while being sheltered, and the aircrew no longer have to sit in a 55°C cockpit with all survival gear on during start-up. Assembly went very well, despite the very hot weather conditions. In four-and-a-half days the hangar was operational, thanks to the excellent support by Rubb technician David Cromarty. Rubb can be proud as a company to have such employees. We are really happy the way it is designed and works. We now use the facility for daily bed down of both aircraft and all maintenance inspections will also take place in it."



Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager
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