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March 2012


Airtight idea for doorway dilemma



uae airforce efass



Rubb Buildings Ltd designed a custom structure and porch to act as an airlock for a building belonging to BAE Systems.



The 7m span building measures 18m long and features sidewalls of 7m. It connects to the existing building at BAE Systems in Samlesbury.


Rubb Technical Sales Engineer Ian Mackley explains: "BAE Systems needed a structure to act as an airlocked area to conserve the atmosphere of the main building. The main challenge was devising a non-invasive way of attaching the new facility to the existing building. The Rubb structure features a small porch for pedestrian access between the two buildings. We also provided a main roller shutter door measuring 4m wide x 6m high."


Rubb Buildings Ltd worked with building contractor D&S Engineering Facilities Ltd to complete the project.



Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager | +44 191 482 22 11