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August 2017


35 year old Boots UK Ltd warehouse is looking brand new

Nottingham, UK



Rubb has returned to Beeston in Nottingham to re-sheet a storage building for Boots UK Ltd.



Boots UK 35 year old storage warehouse



The Rubb team has manufactured and delivered new pvc sheets for the NV type structure in Nottingham. Boots UK Support Office is currently located on a 279-acre site, which was purchased by Boots in 1927 to expand the company’s manufacturing capability.


The Rubb facility onsite measures 20m wide x 75m long, with an eaves height of 5m. It was originally constructed in 1982 to support storage capabilities.


Rubb manufactured 3700 square metres of new cladding for the project and work began on installing the new white PVC fabric, on to the original framework after a structural inspection. Rubb also designed and manufactured new sheets for an ‘air lock’ canopy located on the front gable of the Rubb building. The canopy measures 5.7m wide x 4.5m long x 5.5m high. All sidewall, gable and roof sheets were fitted by lacing, tensioning and terminating.



Boots UK 35 year old original pvc

Boots UK storage building before new pvc cladding.



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