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Rubb has Rolls Royce $3 million engine turbulence control screen covered


Versatile and durable are two words used repeatedly when describing the structures manufactured by Rubb, and when asked by Rolls Royce Aeroengines Ltd these were two key factors why they chose Rubb to help support a key project development.



Rubb customer cover for Rolls Royce



Rubb was tasked to produce two structures to house a $3 million turbulence control screen (TCS) in 2001. Working within a very tight time frame, the Rubb UK team designed, manufactured and delivered two buildings to Hucknall, Nottingham, in just eight weeks.


The first structure, a 24.4m long by 16.5 high stationery building, with a 19m span, was erected on a specially designed, reinforced concrete foundation. The building was needed to house and maintain the TCS used in the testing of Rolls Royce aeroengines, which are used in both military and domestic airplanes.


As part of the test, engines must be subject to the “smooth air” which is usually encountered thousands of meters up in the air. To create the smooth air effect, the engine is situated on a test bed with the TCS (which looks like a huge golf ball) over the front. The air, which is then drawn through the engine, replicates the smooth air which is vital for “real life” testing of the engine when airborne.


The second Rubb structure is slightly smaller. Measuring 12.2m long by 12.8m high with a 14m span, this structure sits on a trolley and is wheeled over the TCS when testing is interrupted by rain or high winds or when testing is complete.


When selecting Rubb Buildings to undertake the work, Rolls Royce looked specifically at Rubb’s proven track record for custom design, engineering and fabrication. Indeed, the German associates of Rolls Royce were so impressed with the Rubb product that they are considering having Rubb UK assemble similar structures at several sites in Germany.




Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager | +44 (0)191 482 22 11