Thermohall: Insulated Fabric Buildings




Insulated Fabric Buildings



Rubb’s insulated fabric buildings feature an innovative flexible insulated fabric cladding system, which provides many eco-friendly benefits in an increasingly energy conscious world.



easyJet insulated aircraft hangar










Rubb's Thermohall™ is a unique insulated fabric system which offers many advantages over other insulating systems:


  • Non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated in air and water tight pockets
  • Insulation thickness from 50mm to 200mm
  • No thermal bridges in the cladding
  • No air gaps in the cladding, which reduces heat loss and helps eliminate condensation
  • The system leaves the structural frame exposed internally, allowing for more efficient installation and service of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Roof and interior surfaces are provided in high gloss white to reduce solar load on the outside and increase reflectance within the building
  • Vacuum packaging reduces shipment volumes

Climate controlled structures


Rubb has grown to become a leading supplier of complete fabric buildings and insulated structures for public and private sectors, with an emphasis on design innovation, ongoing development and attention to environmental issues.


Rubb’s patented Thermohall™ insulated cladding is a proven solution to support climate controlled storage building projects, perfect for any storage facilities featuring heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


Rubb’s Thermohall™ insulated warehouse fabric can be used to clad many Rubb structure types, from small standard shelters up to large scale multi-span aircraft hangars. The fabric provides many benefits to help promote energy efficiency.


Our flexible insulated Thermohall™ fabric has been used across a wide variety of sectors and applications including MRO aircraft hangars, multi sport indoor playing facilities and standard storage warehouses to create climate controlled environments.


Thermohall™ cladding consists of a high-strength PVC layer and non-combustible glass wool insulation core inside an air-tight pocket and a self-cleaning PVC inner layer. The insulated panel system provides a full vapour seal, which minimizes thermal bridging and reduces infiltration losses. This reduces condensation on framing members, improving insulation efficiency. The environmentally controlled structure helps facilitate air conditioning and internal heating.








Thermohall™ Attributes


Development of Thermohall™ started several years ago, with the aim of providing a new and eco-friendly insulated cladding system. Thermohall™ is now fully developed and patented. Thermohall™ offers great energy savings and is environmentally friendly, both in fabrication and operation. Some competing insulation options don't provide the benefits that Rubb can offer. Some alternative insulated cladding products feature PVC sheets with an air gap in between, which gives poor thermal performance while being prone to condensation problems. Meanwhile other systems use rigid panels which don't allow for relocation of the building.



Thermohall Alternative Solution

Alternative Solution



Rubb Thermohall™ insulated warehouses combine the best properties of conventional buildings and fabric buildings, high thermal insulation, full relocatability, and all Thermohall™ buildings can be delivered to suit the customer’s insulation requirements.


Thermohall Insulation and Heating




The depth of insulated cladding ranges from 50mm to 200mm, which provides a range of U Values to suit your requirements. Rubb can also supply various heat sources within the structure such as oil or gas fired hot air units, radiant heating, heat pump or electric fan heaters.


thermohall Quality material




Thermohall™ features high density non-combustible glass wool insulation encapsulated within a heavy duty PVC fabric, which is designed and manufactured in-house to suit site specific project requirements. All materials are of the highest quality and meet regulations.

Thermohall Fire Safety Performance

Fire Safety Performance



Rubb buildings offer significant fire safety advantages over other building types, including lower risk of combustion, flashover and structural failure, even in severe fires. The fabric will not propagate flame or sustain combustion when exposed to a severe fire.


Thermohall Moisture Performance




Thermohall™ has excellent drainage properties, is water repellent and does not absorb moisture or odours. It helps eliminate condensation. We deliver our Thermohall™ clad structures with simple or sophisticated ventilation systems to provide a comfortable working environment.


Thermohall Soundproofing




Technical regulations and guidelines set standards for sound insulation. Our patented insulated fabric cladding system satisfies the requirements for sound passage, which is essential for our customers who are located in industrial areas or near roads or airports.

Thermohall Sustainability/Eco Friendly

Sustainability/Eco Friendly



The insulation consists mainly of recycled glass. Thermohall™ cladding can provide many environmental benefits including reduced energy use and helping support a stable indoor temperature all year round. Rubb structures are also fully reusable across the sectors we serve.


Thermohall Recyclable




All materials used to create a Rubb building can be recycled if necessary. No materials from Rubb structures are considered to create any toxic or hazardous waste. Steel can be recycled through various means and PVC can be recycled through Texyloop.


Thermohall Adaptable Structures

Adaptable Structures



Rubb Thermohall™ is a properly insulated building which combines the best properties of both conventional buildings and fabric buildings. High thermal insulation and full relocatablity and all Thermohall™ buildings can be delivered to suit our customers’ insulation requirements.




Thermohall™ Technical Specification


Thermohall™ insulation specifications Thermohall™ insulation specifications

Outer layer
Flame retardant heavy duty PVC fabric


High density glass wool insulation


Inner layer
Self-cleaning, PVC fabric









With more than 35 years experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing fabric buildings, Rubb has built up relationships with high profile clients across the globe.



easyJet mro hangar at gatwick airport




Europe’s leading airline easyJet asked Rubb Buildings Ltd to provide a custom designed twin span MRO hangar measuring 91.5m wide x 60m long.



Indoor multi-sports facility


Ipswich Academy


Rubb Buildings Ltd joined forces with construction giant Balfour Beatty to deliver a custom-made sports structure containing a mix of spaces as well as a main sports hall.


apple aviation mro maintenance hangr


Newquay Cornwall Airport


The project will provide a large, custom designed space for Apple Aviation Group’s increased Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations.



Rubb insulated car showroom


CKS Bilservice AB


Rubb provided a showroom with a view to a car sales company in Sweden. Family firm CKS Bilservice AB sells Peugeot cars and light trucks.


University of York Indoor multi-sports facility


University of York


Rubb Buildings Ltd was selected to design, manufacture and construct a 40m wide x 55m long steel and fabric clad Sport Arena for the University of York.



Car part storage warehouse


Knoks Bildeler AS


Rubb AS supplied two 15m wide x 30m long FXI Rubb insulated storage buildings, with 5m sidewalls, to a car parts dealership in Norway.




Rubb Buildings Ltd can design and manufacture custom, temporary and permanent fabric insulated buildings in a wide range of structure types which you can explore below.



Rubb BVL structure type


BVL Structure


The BVL features vertical lattice frame sidewalls and single or multiple lattice roof pitches per span. Large spans starting from 50m to 100m in width.



Rubb BVR steel frame type building


BVR Structure


The BVR features rectangular leg and roof box sections. This takes up less space and provides more overall internal clearance.


Rubb BVE structure type


BVE Structure


BVE structures can be designed with single or multiple roof pitches per span. They feature a lattice frame leg and roof. Span widths start from 20m to 40m, by any length.



Rubb NV steel frame type building


NV Structure


The NV was the first steel truss span building manufactured by Rubb. The design originated in Norway and has a vertical sidewall.


Rubb BVC structure type


BVC Structure


The BVC is designed with a vertical column leg and a lattice frame roof. This structure type is commonly used for sports halls. 40m to 100m width spans are available.



Rubb Hall standard steel building


Rubb Hall


The Rubb Hall range is flexible, robust, portable, and is designed specifically for fast delivery at a competitive price. Available in 10m and 12m spans by any length.


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