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From a full size multi-court indoor tennis facility to our single court covers, Rubb has your Tennis needs covered.


Tennis facilities present particular technical challenges that Rubb structures solve ideally. The translucent roof provides ample natural light. Signage, windows, door lighting, climate control and canopies are all available, making a Rubb Tennis Hall the perfect venue for training and competition.


Affordability and rapid erection help limit the construction impact on campuses and in communities. With natural light dispersed through the translucent architectural roof membrane, operating a Rubb Sports Building is affordable as daytime lighting costs are minimized.


Expand your tennis facility. Multiple Rubb Sports Buildings can be erected at different times and linked through walkway tunnels to create a modern, naturally lit, affordable sports complex.


Rubb facilities are full-featured buildings that can be resold, reconfigured, relocated and reused in a multitude of different applications. With life spans of 30 years and more, a Rubb sports building is a sound long-term investment.





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