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Rubb Buildings Ltd has helped a port building project grow at the Port of Belfast.


Rubb began working with Belfast Harbour Commissioners in 2001 to ensure that their ever changing and ever expanding storage requirements were met as use of the port developed.


The first Belfast Harbour warehouse storage facility was erected in 2001 at the head of the dockside area. It measures 24m span x 45m. In 2005 an additional building measuring 24m span x 65m long was erected directly adjacent to the existing harbour structure.


In 2003 a much larger harbour storage building measuring 45m span x 175m was installed at a different location on the dockside and in 2004 this was extended to 217.5m in length.


In 2005 the Rubb design team was given a brief to erect the largest possible building on the remaining land on this site. Careful consideration had to be given to the design because of restrictions created by the nearby dockside traffic. However, a 32m span x 60m harbour storage facility was installed, maximising all possible space available, taking the storage area constructed by Rubb to a massive 14,347m².





Overall length:
Eaves height:
Overall height:
Clear area:
Completion date:

1920sq m
07 / 2005

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