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Port of Workington | Workington, UK


The Port of Workington offers high quality storage facilities in the form of two relocatable Rubb constructed ports buildings.


The ports structures measure 25m span x 32min length and 25m span x 61m in length. These port facilities provide storage space for animal feed and protection from the elements and light. The design features a split storage capability.


As this part of the west coast of England is susceptible to severe winds and rain, the storage systems were constructed on top of 4m retaining walls. The walls consist of a steel support structure complete with pre-stressed concrete infill panels, which allow for quick and easy construction. This method provides a fully sealed facility to prevent water ingress and also allows for internal retaining walls to be built for different storage needs.


The client required a dark covered port storage facility as animal feed needs to be protected from light, however the translucent PVC material used on other Rubb ports projects provides a brighter working environment without the need for windows.





Overall length:
Eaves height:
Overall height:
Clear area:
Completion date:

1525sq m
03 / 2002

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port of workington storage facility Hendon Dock material storage building Hendon Dock ports building Port of workington store building



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