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Rubb Buildings Ltd rose to the challenge to design, manufacture and install a custom salt storage barn to support Gateshead Council’s expanding winter road maintenance plans.


Rubb provided a custom designed salt barn that sits on top of a 3m high concrete supporting wall. The salt storage structure measures 30m wide x 30m long with a tapered leg height of 5m. The overall height of the storage facility is 13m.


The building benefits from an open front gable end to maximise storage space and accessibility. To accommodate this large opening, the rear gable of the building was reinforced with anti-flap pvc pockets to prevent fabric damage due to strong winds.


Rubb came up with this flexible storage facility to meet the specific perimeters set by Gateshead Council, including conforming to planning restrictions for the colour of the building, which was clad in goosewing grey and white fabric. Rubb also met the required local building codes throughout the project.



Overall length:
Eaves height:
Overall height:
Clear area:
Completion date:

900sq m
03 / 2008

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