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Rockwool | Bridgend, Wales


Rubb Buildings Ltd rose to the challenge to design, manufacture and install a custom overspill storage building for Rockwool's state-of-the-art insulation production line and packaging facility in South Wales.


Rockwool is a leading manufacturer of non-combustible stonewool insulation, with a factory and offices in Pencoed, just outside Bridgend. The mineral wool insulation is used for thermal, fire and acoustic protection.


Rubb provided a custom insulation storage building featuring an assymetrical roof truss. The building includes a 15.25m wide front span for the first 25m of the building's length. It then extends out to a 20.25m wide span for the remaining 15m of the structure's length towards the rear gable end.


Rubb came up with a flexible storage facility to meet the specific perimeters set by the client, including higher sidewalls and an extended assymetrical 20m rear gable end.


"Rubb, and in particular Sales Engineer Ian Mackley, were very flexible with regard to Rockwool's specific requirements and timescale and provided the best value for money approach and consequently price. The installation team were very professional, quick, and also flexible, to suit Rockwool's changing demands. The result was an excellent looking and fine, robust insulation storage building. We are impressed!"


Neil Perry | Rockwool Projects and Energy Manager




Span 1:
Span 2:
Overall length:
Eaves height:
Overall height:
Completion date:

02 / 2012

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