Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures to Support Your Business Goals

Rubb designs, manufactures and constructs temporary and permanent buildings in a wide range of fabric structure types to suit your requirements. Please explore our fabric structures below.

Rubb THA shelter profile

THA Shelter

Rubb THA fabric shelter ranges from 6m wide to 12m. This shelter be used as temporary or permanent storage facility

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Rubb Hall profile

Rubb Halls

The Rubb Hall standard range of shelters is flexible, durable, portable, and designed for fast delivery at a competitive price

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Rubb BVR building profile

BVR Structure

The Rubb BVR structure type features rectangular leg and roof box sections. This design is a popular choice for bulk storage

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Rubb BVI structure profile

BVI Structure

Rubb BVI structures feature column leg and roof sections and are ideal for waste management building solutions

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Rubb BVE building profile

BVE Structure

The BVE structure type’s steel frame design maximises interior clearance and is popular for aviation, sports and storage applications

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Rubb BVC structure profile

BVC Structure

The Rubb BVC structure type is widely used for larger sports halls and storage buildings. It is designed with a column leg and a lattice roof

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Rubb BVL structure profile

BVL Structure

The BVL features vertical lattice frame sidewalls and single or multiple roof pitches. This design is used to create clear spans of more than 100m

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Rubb BLE liftable strucutre profile

BLE Structure

The Rubb BLE series of structures is designed to be liftable, moveable, extendable and relocatable. Perfect for marine & manufacturing

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Rubb EFASS hangar profile

EFASS Hangars

The Rubb EFASS range of military hangars is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world

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Rubb RDS shelter profile

RDS Shelter

The RDS shelter range has been designed for rapid deployment to support military personal out in theatre around the world

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Rubb NV shelter profile

NV Structure

The Rubb NV structure type originated in Norway and is designed with a high apex height in mind for maximum storage space

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