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Fabric Structures



Rubb Buildings Ltd designs, manufactures and constructs temporary and permanent buildings in a wide range of fabric structure types which you can explore below.



Rubb THA Shelter steel frame type building


THA Shelter


THA Rubb shelters are available in 6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m span widths with 3.3m high sidewalls. These industrial tents can be supplied by any length in 3m modules.




Rubb BVC structure type


BVC Structure


The BVC is designed with a vertical column leg and a lattice frame roof. This structure type is commonly used for sports halls. 40m to 100m width spans are available.




Rubb BLE frame type building


BLE Structure


The Rubb BLE is a robust and reliable engineered structure type, designed to be liftable, moveable, extendable and relocatable to meet all clients’ needs.




Rubb BLE frame type building


RDS Shelter


This particular Rubb shelter has been designed for rapid deployment and erection using a minimum workforce and without the aid of mechanical handling equipment.


Rubb BVI steel frame type building


BVI Structure


The BVI structure type features column legs and roof sections. Ranging from widths of 10m to 30m, by any length. This design is a popular choice for waste management solutions.




Rubb BVE structure type


BVE Structure


BVE structures can be designed with single or multiple roof pitches per span. Lattic frame leg and roof, span widths start from 20m to 40m, by any length.




Rubb NV steel frame type building


NV Structure


The NV was the first steel truss span building by Rubb. The design originated in Norway and has a vertical sidewall. The high arch of the roof makes this profile ideal for bulk storage.




Rubb Hall standard steel building


Rubb Hall


The Rubb Hall range is flexible, robust, portable, and is designed specifically for fast delivery at a competitive price. Available in 10m and 12m spans by any length.




Rubb BVR steel frame type building


BVR Structure


The BVR features rectangular leg and roof box sections. This takes up less space and provides more overall internal clearance. This design is a popular choice for bulk storage buildings.




Rubb BVL structure type


BVL Structure


The BVL features vertical lattice frame sidewalls and single or multiple lattice roof pitches per span. Large spans starting from 50m to 100m in width.




Rubb EFASS military hangar


EFASS Structure


The EFASS hangar is designed for rapid deployment. Lightweight, robust and relocatable, these hangars are available in three widths (11m, 20.4m and 25m).




Rubb  insulated fabric building


Rubb Thermohall®


Thermohall™ insulated cladding is a proven solution to support climate controlled buildings, perfect for any facility featuring heating, ventilation and air conditioning.