Sports Training Buildings

Rubb Buildings continues to score goals when it comes to the design and construction of multi-use sports buildings.

Protecting players from the elements

The design and planning flexibility, speed of construction and durable, cost effective operation of Rubb sports buildings provide worldwide sporting sectors, clubs, schools and other organisations with a competitive edge. Rubb can deliver sports hubs, multi-use sports halls, football facilities, netball domes and more, worldwide.

Funding and constructing private or public training facilities can be a daunting task, but the experts at Rubb know how to meet the challenge. Find out how we can support your project and contact Rubb today.

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Low Maintenance / Low Costs

Our high-quality PVC cladding materials and post-production galvanized welded steel frames deliver durability over time, making the cost of maintaining Rubb sports buildings more economical compared to conventional sports hall structures.

Energy-Efficient Roof Membranes

Translucent membranes allow natural daylight to illuminate the sports hall while the white roof surface reflects heat. Optional Thermohall® insulation minimises heat transfer, prevents condensation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging and air infiltration.

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Multiple Use

Rubb indoor sports facilities can function as one large playing area or be sub-divided into smaller areas for younger age groups or training programmes. Sport surfaces can be divided using moveable rebound walls, nets or more permanent dividers.

Rapid Construction, Installation and Relocation

Rubb sports buildings can be quickly erected, dismantled and relocated due to module pre-fabrication. Rubb can provide site supervisors or fully dedicated construction teams to complete any custom sports project.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient Foundation Systems

Rubb sports buildings can accommodate many foundation options such as concrete up-stand, ballast weights, and ground anchors into an existing surface. Rubb's co-ordination with the groundwork contractor is key for the client to reach the most cost effective solution.

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Reduced Time On-Site

Our established sport supply chain streamlines co-ordination of delivery and installation. Pre-fabricated elements and the ability to construct our sport facilities in a variety of weather conditions, speeds up the construction process.

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Customisable Features

Buildings can accommodate all types of doors, ventilation and equipment to safely support a wide variety of field and court sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, Gaelic football, rugby, cricket, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and tennis.

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Comprehensive Long-Term Service

Rubb personnel are on hand to provide help and support, from initial contact to quotation, installation and beyond. Rubb’s commitment to customer service continues after project completion and forms the basis for long-term customer satisfaction.

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Explore Rubb’s patented Thermohall® insulated cladding system, which delivers many cost effective and eco-friendly benefits. Thermohall® fabric can be used to clad types of sports structures. Insulation can be supplied in thicknesses from 50mm to 200mm providing the best cost saving thermal solution. Find out more.

Thickness U Value (SI) W/m2K R Value (US) ft-F-hr/BTU
50mm (2in) 0.67 W/m2K R11
100mm (4in) 0.36 W/m2K R19
150mm (6in) 0.25 W/m2K R27
200mm (8in) 0.19 W/m2K R35

Outer layer
Flame retardant heavy duty fabric


High density glass wool insulation


Inner layer
Self-cleaning PVC fabric

Thermohall insulated fabric

Sport Sectors

Throughout the sports training world, Rubb has supplied custom designed facilities to suit all sporting sectors and events.

SAFC training facility
Football Indoor Training Facilities

Football Indoor Training Facilities

Rubb create indoor football buildings which provide state-of-the-art training environments for all levels of teams.

Meadowbank multi sports arena
Multi Sport Facilities

Multi Sport Facilities

Play and train for every sport under one roof with a custom designed multi sports indoor training facility.

Indoor Netball Training Buildings

Indoor Netball Training Buildings

Custom designed indoor netball buildings support an ideal training environment for all levels, from schools to national clubs.

aerial sports hall newcastle
Custom Designed Sports Buildings

Custom Designed Sports Buildings

Rubb can provide innovative, cost effective, custom designed sports structure solutions in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes.

Sports Structure Types

Rubb can provide custom designed sports buildings in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Rubb BVR Structure

BVR Structure

The BVR structure type features rectangular leg and roof box sections. This takes up less space and therefore provides more overall internal clearance.

Rubb BVE Structure type

BVE Structure

BVE structures feature lattice frame sidewalls and can be designed with single or multiple lattice roof pitches. Span widths start from 20m to 40m, by any length.

Rubb BVC Structure Type

BVC Structure

The BVC is designed with a vertical column leg and a lattice frame roof. This structure type offers a large clear internal area. 40m to 100m width spans are available.

Rubb BVL Structure Type

BVL Structure

The BVL has vertical lattice frame sidewalls and single or multiple lattice roof pitches per span. Large spans start from 40m to 100m in width, by any length.

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