Rubb Service



Quality Management & Preventative Maintenance

Rubb Building Ltd is proud to provide the best lifecycle value building solutions on the market. Rubb buildings have a track record of lasting more than 40 years with minimal issues. In order to help our customers manage the lifecycle value of their Rubb structures we now offer a first class Service Department.



Rubb Responsive Care Service pack


Responsive Care Service


Rubb offers a very popular responsive care program whereby a service technician will be scheduled to visit and inspect (and if needed make minor repairs to) your building.


Ready Care Service


Ready Care Service


Rubb Buildings Ltd's industry leading Ready
Care Service Plan is perfect to monitor and ensure the continued operational integrity of
your fabric building.


Building upgrading modernisation service


Building Improvements


If required Rubb can offer advice on improving, adapting and upgrading your Rubb building. We aim to stay ahead of time by offering premium upgrades to our building solutions.


repaired and modified projects


Service Projects


Explore Rubb UK projects from around the world which have been repaired, improved, upgraded and modernized. Rubb service work is carried out by an experienced specialist team.