Rubb BVL Building Type







The BVL structure type is a larger version of the BVE. The design originated in the UK and features a vertical sidewall.


The BVL features vertical lattice frame sidewalls and single or multiple lattice roof pitches per span. Multiple modules link to provide sporting or warehousing structures of any length.


This allows for more interior clearance over the full width of the building, making it the ideal solution for sports buildings and warehouse systems.


The BVL can be adapted in a variety of ways. The leg height can be extended for additional interior clearance.


Span Types


50m span x 5m Leg


60m span x 6m Leg


60m span x 10m Leg


67m span x 6m Leg


70m span x 9m Leg


*Please note the span profiles above are examples. All Rubb buildings are custom designed to clients' needs.


Insulated Option


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 NUFC training building paignton college sport facility RAF kinloss aeroplane hangar British Airways avaition building



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