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Rubb's FXI steel framed buildings are clad with heavy weight PVC coated polyester. These pre-engineered structures are optimised for a wide range of industrial applications.


The high arch of the roof makes this profile ideal for bulk storage applications where the majority of the height is needed in the centre of the structure.


The FXI is flexible, robust, relocatable, and designed to international codes to meet our customers' needs anywhere in the world.


Rubb FXI offers many advantages over conventional buildings:


  • Components are pre-fabricated in our factories, packed into standard 40 foot containers, ready for assembly anywhere
  • Suitable for existing ground conditions including concrete and asphalt
  • Designed, fabricated, and assembled with high focus on safety and quality
  • Structural steel frame is hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to ensure minimal maintenance and very low life cycle costs
  • Heavy duty PVC coated membrane cladding is fire tested and approved


  • Translucent cladding on standard buildings provides high levels of natural light inside, promoting safety and productivity
  • Insulated Thermohalls provide high levels of insulation value with no loss of relocatability
  • High vertical walls and no internal columns optimise usable space
  • Fully relocatable – fast delivery. This provides great flexibility as the logistical needs of the client change
  • Option to rent or buy
  • After sales service by highly skilled service technicians


Span Types


10m span


15m span


20m span


25m span


30m span


Insulated Option


Explore Thermohall™. Flexible insulated fabric cladding system, which provides many eco-friendly benefits




CKS Bilservice insulated car showroom Rubb thermohall warehouse Climate controlled sea food storage building insulated storage warehousing



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