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The NV was the first trussed span building manufactured by Rubb. The design originated in Norway and has a vertical sidewall, giving it the acronym NV.


The profile is characterised by roof trusses that start right at the top of the vertical portion of the leg truss and arch steeply over to the opposite side.


The high arch of the roof makes this profile ideal for bulk storage applications where the majority of the height is needed in the centre of the structure.


It is also a structurally efficient shape for regions of high snowfall.


Span Types


15m span x 5m Leg


20m span x 3m Leg


20m span x 5m Leg


25m span x 3m Leg


25m span x 5m Leg


*Please note the span profiles above are examples. All Rubb buildings are custom designed to clients' needs.


Insulated Option


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