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Ten ideas to help you create your ideal affordable sports facility



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Tell us what space is available at your location. Rubb can custom design sports structures in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover existing sports areas, suit your specifications and enhance the local environment




What will the facility be used for? Rubb can tailor designs to accommodate a whole host of activities including athletics, football, netball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, Gaelic football, rugby, cricket, basketball, gymnastics and more



Could you open up your new venue to the community? What would attract people to use your facility to generate income for your organisation? Rubb could help incorporate these ideas into design proposals




Think about what equipment you will need to ensure your activities can run smoothly in the future. Rubb Buildings Ltd can provide features and equipment such as viewing galleries, rebound walls, division nets and curtains, scoreboards and roof/wall fixed basketball/netball boards. Rubb engineers will be able to ensure the sports structure frame can support fixtures and loadings as required



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Flooring and court markings. Rubb can advise on materials, design and layout. More information can be found on the Sport England website




Consider the building materials to be used. Rubb uses the highest quality materials and components, sourced and manufactured in the UK. Rubb’s traditional galvanized internal steel frame resists corrosion and is virtually maintenance free. A durable PVDF coated fabric tension membrane completes the upper walls and roof. Prefabrication ensures there is little waste on site and 95% of materials are currently recyclable



Energy savings and life cycle costs. Weigh up the costs of powering a conventional building against a tensile fabric sports solution. Rubb’s translucent roof systems allow natural light to illuminate the sports facility providing a bright and airy atmosphere. Structures can be temporary or permanent; readily adaptable to suit changing requirements, extendable, relocatable and reusable ensuring a cost effective solution in the long term.

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