Apprenticeship leads to Design Engineer star role

Four years of hard work has paid off for Rubb’s first technical apprentice Liam Whyatt, as he passes his NVQ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Liam’s journey started in the summer of 2014, after achieving excellent GCSE and AS Level grades at Heworth Grange School, when he applied for an apprenticeship at Tyne North Training Ltd. After completing assessments and the interview process, it was clear to TNT that Liam’s future looked bright in the field of Design Engineering.

TNT contacted Rubb Buildings Ltd and secured an Engineering Technical Support apprenticeship placement for Liam at the age of 18. Liam started work at Rubb in January 2015 alongside a full day at college each week. Over the past four years Liam has thrived throughout the personal and professional development of the ‘work while you learn’ system, which has given him a much better understanding of the theory taught in universities and colleges. While at Rubb, Liam has grown from supporting others on smaller projects to managing large projects independently.

We caught up with Liam to discuss his stand-out projects and achievements.

He said “After working on smaller shelters and getting to know the product, my first big and stand-out project has to be easyJet. It was amazing to be a part of the team that designed the hangar and to visit it, gave me a great sense of pride. More complex and testing projects that stand out are, MPI offshore, a liftable structure that needed to be secured to a deck of a ship and Aker Solutions, an offshore welfare facility. I had to redesign the main structure frame on this shelter to withstand the insulated PVC cladding. All these experiences have given me an amazing hands-on experience to learn from.”

Graham Rutland, Design Office Manager, commented: “I’ve worked with Liam for the last four years and he has integrated into the team well. He follows directions well and is able to organise his tasks effectively to meet deadlines that are set. He is always punctual, reliable and hard working.”

As Liam looks towards to the future, Rubb will support the young Design Engineer in his next chapter of education, as he takes on an HND in Mechanical Engineering. Day-to-day working life at Rubb and additional responsibilities of completing projects independently will continue to support his knowledge and technical understanding. From everyone at Rubb we would like to say huge congratulations on this achievement and cementing his position as an integral part of the team.