Cold Storage Facilities

Alternative, custom-designed fabric solutions

About Rubb

Rubb has been designing, manufacturing and installing buildings for over 40 years, delivering many high-quality storage solutions to customers around the world.

The Rubb system provides a well-engineered galvanized steel frame and a PVC coated polyester fabric cover, using world-leading Ferrari fabrics, tensioned over the frame to provide a tight fitting shell. Rubb structures are available in single spans of 10 metres to more than 100 metres by any length.

Why Rubb?

Rubb’s fabric buildings have many advantages due to their galvanized steel frames and PVC covers, in addition to their modular design, including but not limited to:

• Rubb’s innovative patented Thermohall® insulation provides a range of U Values to suit your requirements

• Quick, cost-effective assembly, even in remote areas

• Highly efficient power consumption, up to 70% less cooling power required, and translucent ceilings let in daylight for a bright working environment

• Easy to fumigate and clean

• Low maintenance costs compared to conventional buildings

• Extendible modular design, starting at 10m x 10m

• Buildings can be easily relocated between sites

Additional Services

Rubb also have a number of additional services available.

• Finance and rental options are available

• We work with partners to supply turnkey solutions (in-clusive of flooring, fit out and power) or can just deliver and assemble a building

• Maintenance contracts are available

• Most customers choose pre-designed buildings, but we also offer custom-designed buildings to meet your needs

Grøntvedt Pelagic

Sør Trøndelag, Norway




Aerial shot of Rubb cold storage buildings surrounded by grass with a lake in the background.

Grøntvedt Pelagic has expanded its cold storage capacity even further with the addition of a third hall.Grøntvedt Pelagic, one of Norway’s leading producers of herring, salted fish, dryfish, and clipfish, chose Rubb as the supplier for their third warehouse project at Ørland in Sør Trøndelag.

Rubb has already delivered a 30m x 108m x 5m hall, insulated with 150mm Glava Pro 34 insulation.

This facility is divided into two areas with a Thermowall partition, and is used for maturing and storage of barrels of herring prior to export. The structure features two temperature zones.

Grøntvedt then expanded with a second 30m x 152m x 5m hall, with the same insulation thickness, and two Thermowall partitions inside, providing three temperature zones.The third structure measures 30m x 200m x 5m and connects to the original structures.


This facility includes three Thermowall partitions, creating four temperature zones. The latest building will be used to produce and repackage products, which require a larger amount of space.The partitions were all supplied with 100mm insulation.

All structures include specialist insulated doors.

The buildings are energy efficient, with a quick construction time, and are perfect for cold storage.

“The halls are excellent for our needs and are of a quality we know we will benefit from for a long time. They keep the required temperature consistently, even on hot summer days.”Alexander Grøntvedt | Production Manager | GrøntvedtPelagic AS

Norrek Dypfrys AS

Helgeroa/Hegdal, Norway

Rubb Norway was tasked with designing a storage solution for Norwegian frozen food specialist Norrek.

With temperature control being key for this project, 50mm Thermohall® insulation was selected for the cladding to ensure a consistent ambient temperature for the goods.

The final building measures in at 20m wide by 40m long, allowing plenty of space for Norrek’s operations. Easy access is provided by two 4m x 4.5m roller shutter doors to the side, and one 5m x 4.5m roller shutter door to the front gable.

Norrek specializes in supplying frozen berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and potato products. They are based in Helgeroa and Hegdal, close to Larvik. At their facility at Hegdal they prepare vegetables and potato products. Both vegetables and potatoes are washed before they are transported on conveyers to the production facility for further processing. By moving the storage indoors, they can more easily preserve the raw materials and more efficiently separate the soil from the root food products.

Moreover, they have given their employees a much-improved work environment with more light and comfort.


Caus Trodal Christensen, division manager for Norrek at Hegdal, contacted Øyvind Kristiansen (Key Account Manager at Rubb Norway) and started the process by applying for building permits and designing the Rubb building.

Project manager Fredrik Holmdal then took over the project for Rubb. His good relationship with the customer resulted in the delivery of a Rubb building that satisfies all their needs.

Rubb’s sister company, Plamek AS, erected the building, finishing another well executed project for Rubb.

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