Dependable fabric shelter range continues to support

Rubb launched the THA fabric shelter range back in 1977. In 2015 these fabric buildings are still going strong and providing industrial shelter for manufacturing, construction and storage operations all over the world.

These structures can be manufactured and delivered to site quickly. They are easy to install and can be constructed by Rubb or by the client and their own construction team. This fast process ensures any downtime is limited and business can continue as usual within a very short time frame.

Recent projects, including a variety of temporary shelters, industrial tents and construction covers, have been deployed around the UK or have supported expanding operations at existing sites.

Barrier UK recently asked Rubb to extend a 12m span x 18m long THA fabric shelter. Rubb created a new 5m x 5m roller shutter doorway in the rear gable of the original building and then extended the structure by 18m in length. The new rear gable end includes an additional 5m x 5m roller shutter door.

This extra space has helped Barrier create two blasting and painting facilities within one building at the company’s Wallsend Yard.

The structural steelwork is hot dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. The covering membrane is fabricated from high tenacity PVC polyester fabric, which is flame retardant. This is tensioned over the frame. The roof material is translucent white, which allows natural light to illuminate the internal space. Blue PVC walls complete the structure.

Meanwhile the Alstom Group ordered two 12m x 12m THA fabric shelters to be installed at Pembroke power plant in southwest Wales for storage purposes.

Alstom has been involved in many of the UK’s energy and transport infrastructure developments. Projects include the construction of some of Europe’s most clean and energy efficient power stations, the engineering, design and maintenance of train and metro fleets and the upgrading of the UK’s largest regional electricity transmission network.

Each Rubb THA shelter structure that Rubb completed for Alstom features a 4.5m wide x 4m high standard PVC folding door. The buildings were delivered and constructed on site within one month of the order being placed. Installation took place prior to and during shutdown to limit downtime during the process.

Yardbury Engineering and Oilfield Products Ltd ordered an additional THA shelter for a site in Aberdeen. Yardbury Group provides mechanical and electrical engineering services and resources to the oil and gas industry.

The company already had an 8m x 9m small industrial shelter featuring a 3.5m wide x 3.8m high door in the front gable end. Yardbury went on to purchase a 6m x 30m THA shelter for the manufacture and repair of pipework. The new shelter was clad in NATO green fabric and includes 3.5m wide x 3m high PVC folding doors in the front and rear gable ends. Rubb’s THA shelter range is so easy and quick to install that a crew from Yardbury assembled the structure themselves following detailed instructions by Rubb.