EFASS in Brunei: Supporting Jungle Warfare Training

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Work is underway to construct a 25m wide x 40m long EFASS hangar for Joint Helicopter Command in Brunei, which will provide critical aviation infrastructure for the RAF’s Jungle Aviation Operations.

Long-time experts of Rubb’s EFASS range, 5001 Spq RAF, are erecting the hangar with the project being overseen by 20 Wks Gp RE.

Pumas in the jungle

The 25m EFASS will serve as a home for several 1563 Flt RAF Puma helicopters, which will have easy access through the hangar’s 21.5m Heli-Door. Inside, 750 lux Part 145 compliant lighting will facilitate a bright and safe work area for performing maintenance on the helicopters.

The Puma aircraft have been stationed in Brunei since late 2022 and provide Medevac and transport support for the British Army’s Jungle Warfare Division, comprised of an infantry battalion of Gurkhas and a small British Garrison.

The Jungle Warfare Division runs courses for both soldiers and Royal Marines, focussing on mastering infantry skills ranging from basic field craft to advanced survival techniques.

Brunei is an ideal location for such training, as navigating its jungles is hugely challenging. It can take 20 minutes to travel just 100m, hacking at the undergrowth while visibility is limited to just a few metres. That’s not to mention the swarms of insects, poisonous plants and animals, and the sun-blocking canopy—topped off with intense heat and humidity.

Combatting humidity

Brunei’s intense temperature can reach upwards of 35°, while its humidity averages 80% year-round.

It’s no surprise that climate control was a top priority for the project—for the sake of both personnel and equipment.

To this end, Rubb supplied 150mm Thermohall® insulated cladding which will work to maintain a cool climate inside the hangar. This is supported by a full HVAC kit, and a dehumidification unit to combat the humid conditions of Brunei.

Utilising the trusted 25m EFASS, used extensively by the RAF, we are delighted to have supplied our first hangar directly to JHC. We have also supplied significant upgrades to enhance the working environment and counteract the hot, humid conditions experienced in Brunei.

Military Lead, Rubb UK
Adam Bowery

UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023

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