Farewell to dedicated Technical Sales Engineer

From the Sultan of Brunei to Sunderland Football Club, Ian Mackley has helped to engineer building solutions for many clients at Rubb Buildings Ltd over the last 34 years.

The UK branch of the Rubb Group was set up in 1977 and Ian came onboard on January 3, 1978. He shares a long history with the Team Valley Trading Estate based company. Rubb colleagues helped celebrate his achievements on his retirement in 2012. They attended a party at the Ravensworth Arms, Gateshead, following his last day of service on June 22.

After working as a local council electrician, Ian joined Rubb Buildings Ltd as a Fitter Welder. He was responsible for helping to manufacture Rubb structures at the factory’s Gateshead plant. He also worked on-site supervising and helping construct the buildings for a wide variety of clients at locations all over the world. He was involved in the design, manufacture and delivery of structures purchased by the MoD during the Falklands conflict in the early 1980s, working 24 hour shifts to ensure the products were ready on time. In 1985 he flew to Brunei to oversee construction of an aircraft hangar for the Sultan there.

He was promoted to Technical Sales Engineer in 1987 and travelled to Split in Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia) to assess an existing military project. As well as securing contracts with many civilian clients, Ian was key to helping build Rubb’s relationship with the UK MoD alongside his colleague Ray Colby. He helped come up with ideas for new military building concepts including the Rapid Erect Hangar which evolved into Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS). He supported the idea of developing these aluminium framed structures and devised a variety of operational building and door concepts which the Rubb team of design engineers brought to life.

Sales highlights for 2012 include buildings for BAE Systems, EnerMech, CairnToul, Rockwool and PACS (E.ON UK). His legacy includes exciting new projects in the pipeline including a storage. building for AJS (E.ON) and a new training facility for Sunderland Football Club. The training facility will feature Rubb’s largest ever span at 82.4m.

Ian said: “I have enjoyed working in all areas at Rubb, from concept, design and manufacture to construction and sales.” This vast overview has allowed Ian to strike up some good relationships on projects such as Linpac, MoD contracts and more recently Rockwool.