Green shipping boost as Maritime Minister announces plans to explore shore power

Maritime Minister Robert Courts accelerated the UK’s ambitions to deliver a greener, more sustainable future for the shipping industry with plans to explore emissions-cutting shore power at UK ports.

Currently, berthed vessels must run their onboard diesel engines to power lighting, galleys, air-conditioning and other amenities. It’s the equivalent of a car idling while parked, emitting polluting fumes into the air around ports and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

With shore power, vessels will be able to turn off their engines and plug into onshore power sources when berthed, reducing carbon emissions, noise, and air pollution.

Maritime Minister Robert Courts said: “Climate change is one of the biggest challenges this generation faces, and we will continue to lead international efforts to decarbonise the maritime sector. Shore power will end the outdated practice of ships keeping their engines running while anchored in port, reducing the poisonous fumes entering the air and ensuring we meet our net zero 2050 goals.”

Rubb can help support the maritime sector with our sustainable solutions, providing logistical assistance to ports in need of shelters, storage, and onboard structures.

Rubb is also the perfect partner to assist efforts to decarbonise the maritime sector, as sustainability has long been a core value of ours. All our buildings contain recyclable materials, can be resold or reused, and offer Thermohall® insulation to reduce energy costs and minimise your carbon footprint.

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