Military exercise opens doors at Rubb Buildings

Rubb UK welcomed Royal Air Force personnel back for another week-long training exercise at its Gateshead factory.

Members of 5001 Squadron returned to Rubb Buildings Ltd to learn more about door technology for the military Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range. The award winning Air Combat Support Unit routinely deploys around the world to provide and maintain expeditionary airfield facilities to support deployed air operations. The unit frequently works with Rubb’s rapid deployment military shelters which are used by defence organisations to protect invaluable aircraft at bases and in the field.

The company’s Training Advisers Dave Cromarty and John Borlace delivered training sessions on erecting and dismantling the 21.5m (70.5′) x 7m 23′ Heli-Door. Sergeant Drew Bailey, who was leading the team, said: “We learned all about constructing and dismantling the Heli-Door. It is good to have expert advice and training from people like Dave and John – it gives us a better hands-on understanding of the procedures involved. The team has learned skills that they can take away and pass on the other members of the squadron.”

General Manager Ian Hindmoor added: “We regularly hold training sessions on different aspects of our building systems to provide our clients and end users with the knowledge and skills to get the most out of our products.”

5001 Squadron have worked with Rubb’s EFASS range on numerous occasions and will deploy to different locations to dismantle and assemble more in the future.