MOD and Rubb grow their supporting relationship

The company has had a busy year in the military and aviation sector. The UK MoD ordered seven 20.4m span EFASS structures (aluminium framed, fabric covered aircraft shelters) featuring Trident doors at each gable end. Each hangar packs into one 20ft ISO container for transport and includes Zone 1 electrics and insulated fabric cladding.

Rubb was tasked with ensuring that hangars from the range are packed for airfreight according to strict specifications from the Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) at RAF Brize Norton. These packing arrangements have been carried out for the 20m EFASS (Trident/Trident), the 18m EFASS Sunshade and the 25m span EFASS (Heli-Door, closed gable).

Rubb’s refurbishment service has also been in demand, with eight military buildings brought back to new standards in 2014, including a 20m span x 20m long EFASS vehicle storage facility. It was also future proofed to support an overhead gantry crane. This project was an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) that was needed within two weeks, but delivered in just 10 days.

Rubb’s Rapid Erect Structures feature aluminium framework that has been designed to maximize strength, minimize weight and still be robust enough to withstand the most challenging environments. The high quality 6082 T6 structural aluminium is annodized black and steel components are hot dipped galvanized to protect from corrosion. The tough PVC covering tensioned membrane forms the protective barrier between the environment and the vehicles and equipment inside. This hangar is clad with insulated fabric panels and can accommodate at least two amphibious vehicles for maintenance and storage. It will also be used to store and protect spare parts, tools and equipment.