Multi sports hall reaches finishing line

A local community has netted a new multi sports hub facility after Rubb completed building works in September.

The 42m x 69m BVE sports building, with 7.5m sidewalls, can cater for a wide variety of sports including badminton, netball, basketball, tennis, football, trampolining and hockey.

It can be converted to accommodate 12 badminton courts, eight basketball courts, three five-a-side pitches, eight volleyball courts or four tennis courts. The layout can be interchangeable.

Sales Manager Ian Hindmoor said: “The building provides something Paignton Community and Sports College has never had before. They can plan lessons and training sessions without worrying about where they can take place if the weather is bad.”

Special features include steel clad sidewalls for added security, sidewall gutters for surface water drainage, a ventilation system which provides three-and-a-half air changes per hour, and in a first for the company, an internal lift shaft accessible via a bridge from the car park.

The translucent roof provides a natural light and airy atmosphere and the sports hall also boasts Rubb’s signature hot dip galvanised steel frame and PVDF coated fabric membrane.

Torbay Council commissioned the facility after viewing Rubb’s successful netball facility project at Taunton Vale Sports Club.