New hangar home for Air Ambulance

Aircraft hangar specialists Rubb Buildings Ltd has helped create a new home for the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance ‘Ambucopter’.

Rubb has constructed a 20m wide x 33m long helicopter hangar from ‘legacy stock’ at the new LNAA base at RAF Waddington, south of Lincoln. The helicopter hangar features a clear door opening of 17.2m wide x 6.5m high.

Some alterations were made to ensure the hangar was suitable for the new location. Due to the nature of the existing ground at the proposed site, the Rubb design team had to modify the building gable end and door system to facilitate the ambucopter. A 4m section of the door track was removed and a wheeled system added to provide a flat ground surface at the entrance of the hangar.

Sales Manager Andy Knox said: “We were able to reuse the existing frame and double skin, insulated fabric and it looks brilliant. We are delighted to be able to deliver this project to the air ambulance team.”

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance is a dedicated Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, funded by charitable donations. LNAA’s MD 902 Explorer helicopter can reach any point in the two counties in less than 20 minutes and on average can transfer a patient to hospital within 8 minutes. The ‘Ambucopter’, is fully equipped for medical emergencies. It is permanently staffed by two paramedics, and a doctor on occasion.

Each mission costs more than £2000. Each year LNAA needs to raise £1.9m to keep flying and saving lives.