North East businesses invited to bid for revived Teesworks site contracts

Local businesses across the North East are being invited to bid for 18 new contracts for Teeside’s newly named Teesworks site.

The former Redcar SSI steelworks site will see 775 jobs created and £393 million’s worth of investment over the next year for the 4,500-acre industrial site. The site was closed in 2015 after SSI’s liquidation, but this new development aims to be a return to form for the UK’s largest industrial site.

In the next 12 months, 19 separate demolitions are planned—the biggest demolition program the region has ever seen—in an effort to wipe the area’s iconic skyline clean to prepare for this huge development.

In addition to the planned demolitions, a new entrance to the site will be constructed by the end of 2020. The entrance is intended to be a centre piece for the Teesworks site to impress potential investors.

teeside free port steel factory

As a North East business, Rubb is thrilled to see this important project enter development. This vital project for Teeside will generate a significant amount of work for local construction companies over the next year, which will hopefully lead to the investment that the area deserves.

Rubb Buildings specialises in temporary and permanent structures which are perfectly suited to support construction work of this kind. Contact us to find out how our flexible solutions can assist your project.

More details about the Teesworks project can be found on their site. A copy of the development plan can be found here.