North East startup OKKULO set to revolutionise football training with support from Rubb

Rubb was invited to attend OKKULO’s debut press event in Team Valley, Gateshead, along with BBC Tees and several local football teams.

OKKULO’s cutting-edge technology is pioneering the use of specialised lighting systems to enhance sport performance by as much as 20%.

Players enter a pitch-black tunnel, illuminated only by the UV lines along the astroturf and the glow of the circular cut-out goals on the far wall. Balls are fired at high speed though the lower hole, directly at the player. There are several different drills possible with this. During the event, we saw goalkeepers catch the ball, then return it to a lit goal on the far wall. Other players were tasked with kicking it straight back through. All of this is to delay the human visual systems in an effort to equip players with faster reaction time.

The data from every kick and throw is recorded and used to calculate a player’s OKKULO score, described as similar to a golf handicap. This data is also used to shape improvement programs with OKKULO’s software.

All of this technology is held within a Rubb THA structure, measuring 6m span x 24m long, and complete with two PVC partitions and C/W zip doors. Light pollution is eliminated by the high tenacity PVC polyester fabric, and the hot dip galvanised steel frame allows the structure to keep up with whatever the players throw at it. The structure is easily relocatable, as well as quick to erect, so players can get their training when and where they need it.

In OKKULO’s state of the art training environment, reaction times are significantly improved across a range of sports such as football, cricket, and baseball. We were given Durham County Cricket Club as an example of the system’s success. Before OKKULO’s training, the selected batsmen couldn’t hit balls more than 86mph from a bowling machine. After four-and-a-half hours in OKKULO’s tunnel almost all of them could hit 99mph.

Football, however, is OKKULO’s focus. Several Premier League teams are interested in purchasing the system, and discussions have also taken place with England’s national team. Wherever the system ends up, it will be easily relocatable with Rubb’s modular design.

Rubb is excited to support such a groundbreaking system, and look forward to seeing which teams adopt the technology.