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Rubb buildings can be fitted with any door arrangement. Large doors are preferably located in the gable ends. Doors up to 4.6m wide (depending on building configuration) can be fitted in the side of a building as standard. For customised projects, larger doors can be added to sidewalls.


Access door

Rubb can supply a wide range of access doors and emergency exit doors with push bars and touch bars. These types of doors are suitable for public and non-public areas.  EN 1125 and EN 179 standards apply to push bars and touch bars respectively. All doors and emergency exit doors supplied by Rubb Buildings Ltd adhere to European product standards. To meet customer requirements, all doors come with CE marking and are ISO 9001 approved.

Roller shutter doors

Rubb can provide all sizes of industrial roller shutter doors. Commercial off-the-shelf doors, measure up to 10m wide x 10m high, but Rubb can also offer custom door sizes if needed. All doors incorporate a motor driven system, with built in safety mechanisms. Doors can be electrically operated via push-buttons and can be combined with safety devices and traffic lights to promote and support safety for the users. All doors can be customised to suit business operations:

  • Optional Plastisol coated or powder coat finish
  • Optional hood and motor hood covers and flashings
  • Optional ATEX compliance
  • Optional wind lock guides, available for wind resistance class 5
  • Choice of operators including push-button, security key switch or automatic controlled.

PVC folding doors

The Rubb PVC folding door system is a standard lightweight door arrangement used on the THA shelter range. This door is designed with ease of use in mind. These doors are made from the same material as the PVC cladding, which is strong, durable and flexible.

Sliding aircraft doors

When it comes to sliding aircraft hangar doors, Rubb uses only the best. Our supplier is world renowned for superior industrial sliding and sliding folding door solutions. All doors are bespoke and designed to project-specific requirements. Everything is taken in to consideration: size of opening, climatic conditions, wind pressure loadings, architectural features and more.

Vertical aircraft doors (Heli-Door)

The Rubb Heli-Door system has been specifically designed and manufactured for military and aerospace projects and provides a robust and reliable door system. The fabric vertical aircraft hangar door system is designed to be quickly constructed and used easily in the field to support all military and commercial operations. This vertically folding door is electrically operated via two helical geared motors, with emergency hand operation capability.

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