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PVC fabric cladding

All Rubb buildings are clad with a high quality, tough, PVC impregnated polyester fabric, tensioned over the structure to give protection.


All buildings are clad with tough PVC impregnated polyester fabric. The sheets are sectioned in accordance with the length of the building and joined with special overlap joints.

These joints are waterproof and able to withstand vibrations caused by high winds. The membrane is tensioned over the steel structure and anchored to the foundations. The quality fabric has a life expectancy of up to 25 years depending on environmental conditions. Moreover, due to ease of erection and attachment, the cladding can be replaced easily if required. Many Rubb buildings erected more than 30 years ago still have their original cladding.

The fabric is tested with respect to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion and resistance to flexing according to BS 3424. The fabric is flame retardant and self-extinguishing to BS 5438 Test 2B.

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