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Investing in tensile structures? Distinguishing ‘substance over style’ is critical. Rubb encourages you to ask the following questions before you buy.


Rubb is a quality and engineering driven company. We have been certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard since 1997. ISO 9001 sets out the requirements for Quality Assurance that can be applied to most companies. To become registered to ISO 9001 standards, it is necessary to write down all company practices and to demonstrate that they comply with the rules of ISO 9001. These documents are then checked to ensure that they are suitable and cover all aspects of ISO 9001, and that the company follows the documentation closely.

Our tensile fabric structures are designed strictly to building code requirements, including a minimum roof live load, ground snow load capability, and wind load capacity. All of our welded structural steel components post-production are hot-dip galvanized to the ASTM A-123 standard after fabrication to provide superior corrosion protection, and we use a standard 28 oz/sy PVC coated polyester membrane with PVDF top finish that meet fire safety testing certifications and have a proven record of reliability.

Rubb buildings are structurally independent of the membrane. Rubb uses more steel than some other companies in the industry to accommodate site specific environmental variables and loadings. All of our steel is hot-dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion and increase longevity. Post production hot-dip galvanizing to the framework offers superior corrosion protection, minimising maintenance costs and ensuring longterm structural integrity.

Rubb uses only high-quality tested fabric from reputable manufacturers for our tensile fabric structures. The weight and finish will be specified by the project engineer to suit the correct application and loadings for that particular structure. The fabric has been tested with respect to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion and resistance to flexing according to a number of German and European standards, including BS 3424. The fabric is flame retardant and self-extinguishing to BS 5438 Test 2B and BS 7157.

Rubb buildings can be designed to be permanent, but are also easily adapted to suit your changing needs. Rubb tensile structures can be shortened, extended, or relocated to meet logistical requirements. Meanwhile, our Rubb BLE building series can be lifted and moved around sites as needed. Rubb tension fabric buildings can also be easily dismantled, assessed, packed away, and stored for future use at a new location.

Rubb buildings offer an affordable fabric building solution with many other cost-saving advantages. One of the main benefits is the whole life costings of our structures. Rubb tension membrane structures are made from the highest quality materials and are designed and constructed to last. The steel work is hot-dipped galvanized, requiring no maintenance costs. The high-tenacity PVC is durable and can last in excess of 30 years. It is also easy and affordable to repair. If your circumstances change, the tensile building can be modified, adapted, shortened, extended or relocated to suit your needs. The translucent PVC allows natural light to illuminate the interior of the structure during the day, lowering energy costs.

Rubb also offers repair and refurbishment services to help our clients get the most from their building investment. We are always looking for ways to add value to the products and services we provide. This process is one example of how Rubb adds value to the ways in which we can help our client base. Our customer care goes beyond just one sale and into aftercare commitment, maintenance, delivery of improved solutions to existing and changing requirements and a dependable system of ongoing R&D in the tensile fabric building industry. Our services help prolong the life of your tension fabric structure and providing savings on long term costs.

Rubb proudly stands behind its products. We manufacture quality products that have and will continue to pass the test of time. Rubb warrants against all defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery. Rubb further guarantee that the fabric membrane will be free from deterioration in usefulness for a period of 10 years. If any such defects occur, Rubb will repair them at no charge to the purchaser. Rubb will not be liable for defects, which result from unforeseen acts of God, acts of war, or the negligence of the purchaser, their agents or third parties.

Remember, the best long term guarantee for success is always to buy the right product from a reputable and established company like Rubb. We encourage you to look closely at all offered warranties and determine if the ‘fine print’ protects your long term investment.

Rubb Buildings Ltd applies CE marking to any of our products which are covered by a manufacturing harmonised European Standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessments (ETA). CE marking enables Rubb Buildings Ltd’s products to be placed legally on the market in any EU Member State and declares compliance with all applicable European Directives and Regulations. CE marking indicates that a product is consistent with its Declaration of Performance (D.o.P), as made by Rubb Buildings Ltd or its suppliers.

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