Grey fabric ship storage building for A & P Falmouth
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A & P Falmouth Ship Storage Building

RFA Largs Bay / HMAS Choules

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RFA Largs Bay ship storage building

Rubb completes ship storage building for the RFA Largs Bay Ship as she sets sail for Australia.

Rubb Buildings Ltd has a long history with the RFA Largs Bay ship – but she has set sail for Australia, complete with a new marine storage building on board.

The Largs Bay was built at the famous Swan Hunter shipyard at Wallsend in 2002, where several giant Rubb hangars dominated the Tyneside skyline from the early 1980s until 2008. The Royal Fleet Auxilliary ship launched in 2003 and served with the UK Ministry of Defence from 2006.

In 2008 Rubb UK manufactured the first of two onboard storage building, custom crafted for the deck of the ship for the MoD’s department of Defence Equipment and Support. The original 15m x 18m steel framed and fabric covered structure was used to protect valuable equipment on board the vessel. A&P Falmouth commissioned the second building for the Largs Bay on behalf of the MoD three years later. This building was completed in October 2011. Rubb had previously also provided another 15m x 18m NV for the RFA Cardigan Bay in 2008.

The Largs Bay was sold to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in April 2011. She was renamed HMAS Choules and commissioned in December 2011 following modifications for the Australian RAN, including adaptations to ensure she can operate in tropical conditions and the addition of the Rubb onboard ship cover/storage building.

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