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Eco-brick expansion: Aaltvedt’s third Rubb project

Skien, Norway

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Circular economy

Norwegian concrete producer Aaltvedt has once again chosen Rubb to meet its growing warehousing requirements with a fully custom design. This 30m wide x 60m long Rubbhall marks their third order from Rubb, with their last 30 x 70m warehouse delivered in 2020.

For this project, Aaltvedt requires the space for its growing ‘eco-brick’ production. Aaltvedt has developed a method to reuse fine dust from metal alloy production, previously considered waste, by integrating it into the manufacturing of eco-bricks.

They can produce up to 250,000 tonnes of these per year, and have calculated that the production of 100,000 tonnes of eco-bricks correlates to a CO2 reduction of 80,000 tonnes.

Fully featured

The building’s cladding is insulated with 100mm of Rubb’s patented Thermohall®, and 50mm of the glass wool system is used on the internal partition wall which separates the workspaces. Thermohall® doesn’t just insulate heat, but sound, too. Aaltvedt’s operations can proceed as normal without disturbing the rest of the site.

Two 6m wide x 5m high remote control, articulated lift gates give easy access to vehicles and maintain the building’s security in each gable wall. There is a further motorised door measuring 4m x 4m in the sidewall, complete with a porch to protect against sliding snow. Two corridor doors complete the building’s access points.

Custom annex

Aaltvedt also required an additional production area attached to the main building to better handle raw materials. To accommodate this, Rubb built a 12m wide x 9m long extension to the front of the main building, joined with PVC welding. This smaller structure is equipped with a large 8m x 5.5m opening with a canvas door to ensure easy depositing of the eco-brick’s raw materials.

For Rubb, there is no better feedback than a returning customer. Aaltvedt’s trust in Rubb to supply a fully custom design has been earned over several projects and is testament to the quality solutions we deliver.

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