Internal view of 25m EFASS structure
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Ashchurch EFASS

Ashchurch, UK

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MoD's first ever Thermohall® EFASS

Rubb has supplied two EFASS structures to DE&S Ashchurch, the MoD’s primary location for vehicle maintenance, storage, and distribution in the UK. 

The 25m span x 52m length and 25m span x 24m length EFASS buildings will support the MoD’s vehicle operations. The larger 52m long building will serve as a vehicle maintenance and testing shop, while the smaller 24m long structure will store the vehicle parts to assist with this. 

The larger building of the two marks a milestone for Rubb’s EFASS range, as it is the first EFASS to be clad with 150mm inner-skin Thermohall® insulation.

The MoD specified that an ambient temperature of 18°C was necessary for this project, which can easily be met with Thermohall®’s excellent performance. This temperature is maintained by an environmental control unit for heating and air-conditioning. The result is a workshop that meets insulation building regulations, while keeping workers comfortable throughout the year. 

The smaller 24m long structure is not without heating options, however, as it is fitted with an electric radiant heating system. It also comes with 300 lux LED lighting, four double power sockets, and is fitted with racking to efficiently store the vehicle parts. 

Similarly, the larger EFASS comes with 500 lux LED lighting, and eight double power sockets.  

Both structures are fitted with emergency lighting, as well as L2 automatic fire alarms. 

The buildings are clad with a sand-coloured PVC, but the inner-skin insulation on the larger structure allows for a clean, white interior that creates a bright workspace. 

Each structure is complete with 5.1m high x 6m wide roller shutter doors to each gable to accommodate the servicing of large vehicles, as well as access doors for pedestrians (four for the larger EFASS, two for the smaller). 

Rubb is thrilled to launch our first ever Thermohall® EFASS with this exciting project for the MoD, which has continually utilised the EFASS range throughout the hangar system’s twenty-year history.

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