Close up view of Berkley Power Station Processing and Packaging Facility
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Berkley Power Station Processing and Packaging Facility

Berkley Power Station, UK

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berkley power station

Rubb continues to support Cavendish’s Berkley Power Station with a nuclear waste processing facility.

The 13.8 span x 12.8m length BVR is custom designed to aid in the recovery and processing of “sludge canisters”—packaged mobile waste currently stored within Berkley’s vaults. Around 1,400 of these canisters are currently stored, so the processing and packaging structure needs to be up to the task.

For the project to be a success, safety was of the upmost importance.

Rubb was tasked with developing a design which can be easily decontaminated, as the processing facility’s equipment must be disposed of with conventional methods once the project reaches completion. As a result, Rubb had to design the structure with smooth surfaces and minimal contamination traps in mind.

Additional protection for personnel and equipment is provided by a 150mm Thermohall® insulation, ensuring no interference from the elements.

A 3.5m x 3.5m electrically operated roller shutter door was added to allow easy access for the nuclear waste canisters.

Rubb was thrilled at the opportunity to demonstrate the adaptability of Rubb structures, showing that Rubb can meet the requirements of the most challenging and safety-conscious projects.

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