Aerial view of 2 grey Rubb fabric buildings for motorhome storage
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Bobilpark motorhome storage

Tønsberg, Norway

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bobilparkering caravan storage internal

Rubbhall AS’ new motorhome hotel is ready for check in.

Rubbhall AS has supplied a new motorhome hotel for Bobilpark’s latest Norwegian campsite.

The 20m span x 60m long x 6m leg Rubbhall is located in the historic central Tønsberg, which is considered to be the oldest town in Norway.

The Rubbhall’s wide clear spans allow the heated motorhome hotel to provide 29 year-round spaces for the vehicles, which will be kept insulated all the while with Rubb’s patented Thermohall® system.

A powerful ventilation system was installed to prevent humidity from building up in the hall due to the gravel floor’s tendency to  absorb rain from outside. With this in place, all the air inside the hall can be replaced within an hour.

Previously Rubbhall AS supplied Bobilpark with a 20m span x 25m long x 5m leg insulated Rubbhall, which remains next to its latest building.

The project was completed in October 2021, and has since comfortably hosted many motorhomes from across the country.

We are very satisfied with the hall; it works well for this purpose. We were very satisfied with the follow-up from Rubb during the process and especially the dialogue with Rubb’s project manager. Neat and professional dialogue and everything was delivered as agreed.

Bobilpark Morten Glenna

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