Internal view of fabric recycling facility for Bryson House recycling plant
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Bryson House Recycling Plant

Northern Ireland

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bryson house recycling facility

Following the award of the largest recycling contract ever placed in Northern Ireland, staff at Bryson House Recycling Plant realised that they would urgently require extra waste storage facilities to house the vast quantities of un-sorted magazines, newspapers, bottles and cans.

The natural lighting supplied by the translucent roof membrane reduces the use for artificial lighting, which not only saves on energy costs but also provides a safer more efficient operating environment.

bryson house recycling facility

Rubb Buildings have been an excellent company to work with. Due to the demand for extra space, we needed a contractor who could supply a storage solution in a short period of time. We chose Rubb Buildings above their competitors due to their approach in offering a fast, cost effective storage solution.

Director of Recycling at Bryson House Eric Randall

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