External view of equestrian training facility
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Challenge Unlimited Equestrian Training Facility

Massachusetts, USA

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horse riding arena

Equestrian training facility

Rubb Building Systems has customized a Rubb BVE structure type to create a unique looking equestrian training facility. This project takes on the look of a traditional equestrian barn but with the advantages of a Rubb galvanized framework.

After discussing the custom needs of a client in eastern Massachusetts, Rubb USA was able to apply experience, skills and innovation to design and construct an 80ft (24m) span x 200ft (61m) long x 19.7ft (6m sidewall) BVE structure. This highly customized project houses an equestrian training facility.

Training covered

Translucent PVC roofing, a lighting system and numerous windows create an outstanding atmosphere for all-season equestrian training and performances.

The exterior of the buildings is clad with wood panelling to give the building a traditional look and feel.

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