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Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club

Derbyshire, UK

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chesterfield tennis club facility internal

Rubb Buildings Ltd completed an indoor tennis centre for Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club.

The BVC sports building boasts three full size courts and measures 50m in length with a 38m span and 5.25m high sidewalls.

In addition to meeting the Lawn Tennis Association’s specification for ventilation and lighting, and providing all services, the centre was constructed with a combination of steel clad sidewalls, special fire walls and curtain walling. Periphery curtains and dividing nets separate the individual courts.

A feature of interest is a partially-glazed gable end wall, however the real versatility of the Rubb sports structure is that it was constructed as an extension to the existing renovated clubhouse.

Rubb Buildings Ltd has been an excellent company to work with. The company has provided Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club with a state-of-the-art indoor tennis facility; we are all highly delighted with the arena. The three new indoor courts allow the club to open and function all year round, whatever the weather.

Head Coach at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club Paul Hatton

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