White fabric storage warehouse
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Company furnished with new fabric warehouse

North East, UK

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A furniture specialist needed a quick, temporary storage building and Rubb delivered the solution with a Rubb Rental fabric structure.

The furniture company designs, makes and delivers inspiring working environments, providing high quality furniture throughout the UK, from its sites in the North East of England.

When it became clear that the company’s existing warehouse was to be demolished, Rubb came onboard to provide a cost-effective, alternative storage solution to house important raw materials and protect them from the elements.

Rubb was able to offer a 24-month rental contract for a 10m span x 16m long BVR type storage building, featuring a sidewall height of 6m. A 4m x 4m roller shutter door provides access and egress to the storage facility.

This Rubb storage option delivers a high quality, temporary storage facility until a new warehouse is constructed at one of the client’s existing branch locations.

The company currently has many facilities in the North East of England and is well known for high-quality products.

Rubb fabric buildings feature structural steelwork that has been hot dip galvanized to protect against corrosion. The cladding membrane is made using high tenacity PVC polyester fabric, which is flame retardant.

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