Teesside Mayor Ben Houchen in fabric aircraft hangar for Draken Europe at Teesside airport
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Draken expands Teesside Airport operations

Teesside, UK

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New home for the fleet

Rubb has completed work on a 1,500 sq. m hangar for aviation and technology firm Draken, which will be the new home for its fleet of Alca L-159E ‘Honey Badger’ jets.

 The 30m span x 50m long BVE hangar has been installed in Draken’s Teesside Airport base, and will be utilised in training exercises for RAF, US Air Force, and other NATO pilots.

Operated by experienced ex-military pilots, the six ‘Honey Badger’ jets that are permanently deployed in this hangar will form an aggressor fighter force in these exercises, flying against the visiting pilots over the North Sea to prepare them for high-end contested fights.

Our aircrew and ground crew take very seriously the nationally significant role they have preparing our military personnel to survive in battle, and they are rightly proud that Teesside is host to this essential new defence capability—especially so at a time when geo-political events bring into sharp relief the need for our armed forces personnel to be trained to the very highest standards.

Draken CEO Paul Armstrong

State-of-the-art hangar

To support these operations, Draken needed a state-of-the-art hangar. Rubb was happy to oblige.

A robust and reliable door system is provided by a 21.5m Heli-Door, specifically designed and manufactured by Rubb for military and aerospace projects. Entry is provided for personnel with four access doors—two to each side wall.

The work area is fully illuminated with 500 lux lighting, and kitted out with a full electrical spec. Engineers and aircrew are kept comfortable year-round with an HVAC, air conditioned, climate controlled system and 150mm of Rubb’s Thermohall® insulated fabric.

The hangar is complete with a clean, white roof and goosewing grey walls in Rubb’s high-quality PVC cladding, supplied by composite fabric experts Serge Ferrari.

Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen, commented on the project: “Draken has been a long-standing and valued airport partner for years, and they provide a vital service to the UK. Their work in helping to train and prepare our armed forces so that they are ready to protect our great nation at a moment’s notice is essential. I’m proud that not only are they located at Teesside Airport, but now with this latest move, they are expanding and creating yet more high-quality, well-paid jobs.

These new arrivals mean the company has now more than doubled its operations, and its new hangar is yet another project that has taken shape this year.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen

Rubb is thrilled to put our aviation expertise to use in bolstering the local economy, expanding Teesside Airport and further supporting the UK MOD through our cooperation with Draken.

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