Grey fabric E.ON storage facility
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E.ON Storage Facility

Isle of Grain, UK

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Rubb Buildings Ltd worked with Plant and Consumable Services Ltd to deliver a new storage facility to power and gas giant Eon-UK.

PACS approached Rubb to complete a 16m wide span x 25m long building project for Eon on the Isle of Grain, Rochester, Kent. Rubb had previously worked on the Isle of Grain to provide two twin 40m span structures during the building of the Channel Tunnel back in the early 1990s.

The company returned to install the new storage facility for Eon in November 2011. The client wanted to utilize as much of the existing concrete plot but that presented its own challenges – Rubb had to carefully design and install the structure to avoid all the underground service docks and cables at the site.

The storage facility features Rubb’s signature post production hot dip galvanized steel frame and grey and white PVC coated polyester covering membrane. Rubb’s design engineers added a 4m x 4m roller shutter door to the side of the building at the client’s request.

The project ran very smoothly from start to finish and Eon are delighted with the result. Site safety is paramount on Eon sites and they praised the Rubb team for their professionalism and safe working throughout their time there. We are optimistic that this success will be a springboard for further opportunities for the Rubb PACS partnership in the near future.

Power Utilities Director at PACS John England

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