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Findus orders up custom Rubb building

Tønsberg, Norway

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Findus required a clear-span, high-apex facility to accommodate huge vehicles.

Recipe for success

Norway’s largest french fry factory is now home to a new custom-designed Rubbhall. Frozen food specialist Findus‘ Tønsberg facility processes over 50,000 tonnes of food annually, so Rubb were brought on board to address the site’s logistic challenges.

Measuring 25m wide x 35m long and equipped with 100mm Thermohall® insulation, the new building will serve as both a sorting and storage area for the site’s vegetables before they go into production, divided by a partition wall.

Once delivered, the vegtables are sorted on-site with this machinery.

Peeling back the details

Due to the complex nature of building’s usage, Findus had several specific requirements.

As there will be a constant stream of delivery vehicles accessing the building, five tall roller shutter doors as well as 8m high walls were supplied to allow easy and efficient access.

Health and safety is also a priority for Findus, so a porch has been installed over the access doors to prevent snow from falling onto workers. Inside the building, 250 lux lighting creates a bright and safe working environment.

Four vents have also been installed in the gable walls to ensure fresh air is circulated while all the doors are closed to maintain the desired interior temperature, set by a further four heating fans. The HVAC features are supported by 100mm of Rubb’s Thermohall® insulated cladding, ensuring an optimal environment for both the staff and produce all year round.

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