Poland's first commercial Thermohall facility
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Głuchów Marketplace: Poland’s first commercial Thermohall® facility

Głuchów Marketplace, Poland

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gluchow marketplace

The first commercial facility built with Thermohall® in Poland was installed last year for Afix, the owner of Głuchów Marketplace.

Rubb Norway won the order for the 25m (82ft) span x 40m (131ft) long structure with 6m (19.7ft) high sidewalls and construction work started in October. Torpa Sag AS is a niche sawmill specializing in the production of timber frames, girders, columns and more. The company is also involved in the production of wood for restoration of old and listed buildings.

With it, the well-known textile trade centre has increased its retail area by 1000 sqm. The hall is 20m wide x 49.5m long and has been insulated with 200mm thick Thermohall®. This is the first of four planned shopping malls to be erected by 2021 at Głuchów Marketplace.

The main advantage of Thermohall® is its low maintenance costs, which keeps rental prices at a competitive level. Fittings inside include 41 glazed cubicles, which makes the space look modern and feel comfortable.

Keeping comfort and safety in mind, the building is equipped with a modern infrastructure:

  • 8 windows (with sections opened automatically) and three roof skylights, providing natural light inside the hall
  • Automatic doors situated on gable walls, and 6 standard doors with air curtains
  • Fire protection system consisting of internal hydrants and hinged smoke vents
  • Steel supporting structure, graded D-class (suitable for commercial and public use)
  • Ventilation system consisting of roof ventilators, standard vent holes in gable walls, and hinged smoke vents
  • Sanitary facilities

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