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Larvikittblokka Production Facility

Larvik, Norway

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Fully custom

Rubb Norway has recently delivered a production hall to Larvikittblokka. Assembled under harsh conditions, and complete with many functional solutions, this has become one of the most complex fabric buildings on the Scandinavian market.

“The details in this hall are completely unique,” says Rubb Norway Sales Manager, Øyvind Kristiansen. “Right from the start of the project, we have had a strong focus on the functional solutions this building should have. The structure is fully custom.”

Kitted out

The Rubb Hall has a floor area of ​​1,770 square meters and has over 10 meters of free height under the roof. A 40-tonne overhead crane is located inside the hall. It also contains 3 single wire saws, 1 multi wire saw, 1 rock breaker and a treatment plant.

The client emphasised the need to address noise reduction. A suitable solution would permit evening work operations without causing disruptions to the surrounding neighbours. Rubb addressed this need by insulating the hall with 100mm Thermohall®. Not only does the glass wool technology maintain a stable temperature, but Rubb’s energy-efficient strategy also provides effective sound insulation.

“An integrated water collection and gutter system has been installed in the floor. In addition, we have installed 250 lux LED lighting, which is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly,” says Kristiansen. “The walls are insulated with 100mm Thermohall® insulation and the hall has a total of 10 roller shutter doors, 4 access doors and 6 large windows.”


Their second Rubb building

The construction began in February 2022 and was completed in December. All concrete tasks were managed by CC Betong, while the assembly was reliably executed by Plamek.

This is not the first building supplied to Larvikittblokka over the past two years. In 2021, Rubb delivered a smaller 15m span x 25m long FH building to the Larvik quarry.

“When we invested in new machines and equipment for the production of Larvikite block, there was a great need for new production halls. We are so satisfied with the previous hall from Rubb, so there was never any doubt about who would deliver hall number two,” says a satisfied General Manager at Larvikittblokka, Jan Henrik Hansen.

It's a wonderful feeling to walk around the new facility and see how well it's turned out. I've seen several similar halls in our market, and this hall is undoubtedly top of the range. The Thermohall® prevents reverberation while we're working, while also regulating temperature. We're lucky to have super ventilation, too. It's important for us, as we strongly value HSE and our work environment.

Operations Manager, Larvikittblokka Jon Arild Hansen

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