2 blue temporary fabric buildings with white roofs
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MaasStroom Energie CV

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Rubb travelled to the Netherlands to install two industrial fabric buildings for MaasStroom Energie CV.

MaasStroom Energie is a natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant built in the Rotterdam Port area. It is owned and operated by IPP developer InterGen, which is involved in the generation, supply and distribution of electricity to the Dutch power grid.

The team successfully built two THA fabric structures in just seven working days. The fabric shelters feature span widths of 6m and 10m respectively and both measure 12m long. The 6m building includes a 3.4m wide x 3.5m high, standard folding door in the front gable. A 4.4m x 4.5m high folding door provides front gable access and egress to the 10m building.

Technical Site Supervisor Andrew Halpin, said: It was challenging heading up this project on my own, but after a couple of days I got to know the people on site better and then it became like a normal working week. The client was very happy when I showed him around the completed facilities. This was my first time heading up a build as site supervisor and I am proud of the results.”

Bram van Beest, NL Buyer at MaasStroom Energie, said: “When I visited the site we have in the UK, I noticed the shelters there were looking good. As we needed storage facilities during outage, I thought these shelters would be a good solution for us. The sales engineer advised us what tent we needed to suit our requirements and we ordered two different sizes. The industrial tents were set up on time under the supervision of Rubb, and we have been successfully using them during the outage. We are very satisfied with the shelters, which are solidly built. I would like to thank Rubb Buildings Ltd for the materials and services they delivered. I would recommend Rubb to other companies if they are looking for the same kind of shelters.”

The structural steelwork of the MaasStroom Energie THA structures was hot dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. The covering membrane is fabricated from high tenacity PVC polyester fabric, which is flame retardant. This is tensioned over the frame.

The translucent white PVC roof material allows natural light inside, and blue PVC walls complete the structures.

THA fabric structures are liftable, moveable and extendable – the ideal answer to ever changing logistical needs.

Technical Sales Engineer Andrew Maisalu said: “The THA is a very popular product and we can be very flexible as to how we can supply it. We can send a construction team or a site supervisor to lead your own team. Some experienced clients have installed these structures themselves following detailed instructions from Rubb.”

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