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Meadowbank Multi Sports Arena

Magherafelt, Northern Ireland

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Rubb multi sports facilities come top of the league with Meadowbank Sports Arena.

At 70m span x 145m long, with sidewalls of 9m, the complex is the largest of its kind in Europe. Designed to bring multi sports facilities into the 21st century, this top regional venue can now cater for a wide range of indoor sports activities.

The facility is a hybrid structure constructed with a traditionally built brick amenities block integrated into a Rubb building with a PVC fabric roof to let in natural light, and kingspan steel clad sidewalls for added security. Mounted along one side and one end is a 3.2m wide x 205m long, viewing platform comprising 450 stadium seats, five wheelchair refuge points and five staircases which are fully handrailed.

Rubb tailor designed and manufactured this multi-use sports facility for a variety of sports including tennis, netball, hockey, badminton, football and a five lane indoor 300m running track. Attention to detail and customer care was paramount with our team skillfully blending aesthetic architectural specifications with practical and proven sports systems.

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We find one of the strongest facets of the building is its versatility. It facilitates a wide range of sports: athletics, tennis, badminton, volleyball, netball and basketball. Its principal use is for soccer and training for Gaelic football and hockey. The facility has obviously raised the profile of the district which at the end of the day is a small, rural area – but Meadowbank Multi Sports Arena is now seen as a regional and national facility.

Chief Executive Officer of Magherafelt District Council John McClaughlin