3 grey fabric buildings used as storage for Norwegian seafood company
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Norwegian seafood company expands with third Rubb building

Sør Trøndelag, Norway

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Grøntvedt Pelagic has expanded its cold storage capacity even further with the addition of a third Rubb hall.

Grøntvedt Pelagic, one of Norway’s leading producers of herring, salted fish, dryfish, and clipfish, chose Rubb as the supplier for their third warehouse project at Ørland in Sør Trøndelag.

Rubb has already delivered a 30m (98.5ft) x 108m (354ft) x 5m (16.5ft) hall, insulated with 150mm (6ins) Glava Pro 34 insulation. This facility is divided into two areas with a Thermowall partition, and is used for maturing and storage of barrels of herring prior to export. The structure features two temperature zones.

Grøntvedt then expanded with a second 30m (98.5ft) x 152m (498.5ft) x 5m (16.5ft) hall, with the same insulation thickness, and two Thermowall partitions inside, providing three temperature zones.

The third structure measures 30m (98.5ft) x 200m (656ft) x 5m (16.5ft) and connects to the original structures. This facility includes three Thermowall partitions, creating four temperature zones.

The latest building will be used to produce and repackage products, which require a larger amount of space.

The partitions were all supplied with 100mm (4ins) insulation. All structures include specialist insulated doors.

The buildings are energy efficient, with a quick construction time, and are perfect for this kind of cool storage.

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